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Employers: It's Time to Ditch The 3(21) Fiduciary

The predominant role of the majority of plan advisors is a limited scope 3(21) fiduciary. Responsibility (and liability) for investment decisions rests with the employer. The prevailing mutual fund/insurance model is for the employer to retain the liability!


There is a better way: The RIA 3(38) fiduciary.

How to Select A 401k Plan 

Demand Quality




As a 3(38) fiduciary, investment selection has a single criterion: Quality.


Expenses evaporate when anti-consumer relationships are exterminated.


Local, established professionals bring a level of effectiveness, personal service, and commitment difficult to replicate with a call center.

Seize the Ethical High Ground


As full-scope 3(38) fiduciaries, responsibility (and liability) for investment decisions rests with our firm.


No revenue sharing

No 12b-1 fees

No commissions

No proprietary products

No soft dollar arrangements

No related party fee sharing

100% direct and transparent fees



Focus on Favorable Outcomes


Typically, 401k providers focus on options like a grocery store. If I just stock the shelves with a great selection at a low cost, I did my job, right? Absolutely not. Unlike a store, a business owner is a legal fiduciary.


We monitor plans for inadequate savings rates, irrational investment decisions, and danger signs that indicate an employee is off-track.


Our experienced advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals provide face to face coaching to each employee. We challenge, encourage, and make it clear to each employee what they need to do today to achieve their financial goals.



Speaking of Transparancy...

Most 401k plans we review obfuscate costs. Not at Everspire401k.

Everspire Fee Schedule

Recordkeeping + TPA
Solo 401(k)


Start-up Fee



Annual Fee




Recordkeeping + TPA
New Plan



Start-up Fee



Annual Fee


$0 per employee for first 30 employees

$30 per employee for 31+ employees


Recordkeeping + TPA
Upgrade Existing plan

Conversion Fee



Annual Fee


$0 per employee for first 30 employees

$30 per employee for 31+ employees


Investment Management


0.08% Custodian

0.09% Average fund/ETF expense ratio

0.1% Average transaction costs


3(38) Fiduciary Advisor


0.1% Investment selection, monitoring, and replacement

0.4% Education and coaching




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